Tips For Choosing a Hair Straightener

Tips For Choosing a Hair Straightener

There are many types of hair straighteners and finding the right one for your hair can be a task in itself as well as quite pricey. Straight hair has definitely become the new trend so it is important that you take your time on finding the best one for your hair and hopefully with the best price tag. Many people run to the local store and grab one off the shelf and become quickly disappointed and lose hope in their hair looking the way that they want.

Your hair type depends on the type and range of straightener. If your hair is already semi-straight, then you probably will not need the hottest or most expensive straightener. If your hair is extremely curly and thick, then you might want to look into getting a hair straightener that tends to get to a higher degree.

After doing some research, hair straighteners range from as low as 15 dollars to as high at 200 dollars. There are many stands in malls that will try to sell you a straightener and tell you how much it originally costs and then they will say how much they will give it to you for. You will probably think that you are getting the best deal, however you probably are not and most likely it is not the best one for you. This is not something that you should take lightly, it is important that you do not dry your hair out or break it off by burning it.

The best rated hair straightener is the Sedu Ionic Ceramic Tourmaline. You can find it online for approximately $ 120.00. The temperature ranges from 240 degrees to 410 degrees. There is also another highly reviewed straightener that will cost you less than $ 30. This one reaches 375 degrees and has 30 different settings. That is the Andis Ceramic Clamp Flat Iron. It is important for you to do your research and maybe even ask your stylist what type of hair you have to help make the best decision. However, it is never a good idea to buy it from them because they are trained to sell the products that they have. If they really sell you on theirs, tell them you will think about it and then go home to purchase the same product online. It will save you a lot of money, try it and see.

Hair straighteners also come in different sizes. The actual straightening part can range from one to two inches. The wider the part, the more that gets straightened at a time. There also hair straighteners sold that come in mini sizes. This might be a good idea to buy as a back up or to take with you when you travel.

When you decide to start straightening your hair, you should also look into getting a proper straightening gel. This will protect your ends as well as avoiding breakage. There are many brands of hair straighteners that sell their own gel or protectant. This is something else that will save you money by buying online.

Picking out a straightener should be a fun process! It is always fun having a new look, especially when it is the new trend!

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