7 Steps to Wonderful Makeup

7 Steps to Wonderful Makeup

7 Methods to Wonderful Makeup – – –

one. Prevent sporting too much

Makeup is meant to increase capabilities not convey negative awareness to you. That’s what sporting too much makeup will do; it will convey you undesirable awareness. Really don’t wear an excessive amount of of anything at all for example:

i) Eyeliner: dark, thick eyeliner will make you glimpse overdone and can ruin the remainder of your respective makeup.

ii) Mascara: too much mascara appears fake and can flake. It looks specifically unhealthy if worn with thick eyeliner or dark blue eye eye shadow.

iii) Foundation: Make sure your foundation will be the identical colour as your epidermis. Basis is meant to protect and give the confront a smooth search. The magic term is mix.

iv) Powder:Exactly the same holds accurate for powder – not too much. Also, be certain to mix your makeup so you can find no apparent Strains

a couple of. Lips

Apply lip liner to totally cowl the lips, add coloration as well as your lipstick will vacation on much for a longer period. Be certain your lip liner isn’t going to indicate. Also, your lip coloring must match your skin tone; put on cool shades if you might have cool coloring and warm hues if you’ve warm coloring. If you want to generate your lips glimpse smaller, maintain your liner to the inside of of one’s lips. Even so, should you make a decision to produce your lips glance greater, moving outside the natural outline of you lips is really a mistake. This could glance very messy and unnatural.

three. Acceptable makeup

Wear makeup which is suitable towards the occasion. If that you are moving on the beach you shouldn’t put on identical or as much makeup as you’ll should you had been planning dancing. Also, when you happen to be in daylight your makeup should be a lighter than when you’re out towards the evening.

4. Too minor or no makeup

Some females don’t wear makeup simply because these are not sure how you can use it and therefore are afraid of being overdone. If you might be unsure, start will lgt colours in your shade. Start out slowly and add a single merchandise at a time. Possibly start off with basis, add mascara, blush or lipstick. If you happen to be not used to carrying makeup, making use of a great deal a first can be somewhat too much for yourself, so get started gradually. The bottom line is actually a minor is far better than none. If you might be still unsure find specialist tips.

five. Total glimpse

When your makeup is completed it ought to glance pure. That implies avoiding colours that clash. If you have dark skin color and hair you’ll appear much better in darker shades; mild colours will make you appear washed out. If your hair and pores and skin tone are light-weight, lgt colours will glimpse superior on you. Dark makeup will make you glance older and harsh. If you have oily epidermis, initially use oil control moisturizer and basis. Then be sure to put on loose powder, keeping pressed powder with you for feel ups.

six. Hair coloration

Your hair color ought to also be in harmony using your epidermis. If you have dark hair therefore you would like to add colour, preserve it near on the very same shade. If you’ve light hair, use lgt shades. As you age your pores and skin will lighten, so really should your hair shade. A person survive factor about hair shade – when you do color you hair be guaranteed you hold it up, do not permit your roots present.

7. A person survive thing

Maintain makeup seeking recent all day time by undertaking typical touch ups. Will not let your makeup fade or crease. Smile!!!

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Makeup Tips for Girls

Makeup Tips for Girls

How to choose your color harmony?
You can, of course, choose makeup vote according to your mood or your clothing. But you can also rely on the color of your eyes, your hair or even your skin.
For example
if your hair are brown with copper highlights, prefer cold tones in pink;
if your eyes are brown or golden brown, choose cool colors such as plum intensifies the golden eyes;
if your complexion is pink dominanate, use warm tones (abricot. ..). For the day you should choose a harmony “monochromatic”, ie that all of your makeup (eyes, mouth and cheeks) should be fully lie in the warm tones, or in cool tones.
Little reminder
Warm tones, composed of a predominance of yellow-orange, evoking the energy, heat. Cool tones, composed of a predominance of blue suggest the calm, peace, temperance…
Choose a liquid foundation, non-greasy, more or less clear depending on your complexion, staying in the colors ivory to light beige. To make the right choice, try the color on your face.
If the record is yellowIs that the tint is too dark. In this case, aim for a tone below.
If your skin is sensitive and this redness, use a beautiful makeup concealer beige dominant yellow tone on tone with your foundation to neutralize imperfections.
If redness is very important, Go for a spell taking a little more towards yellow to overcome.
Side powder, Choose a version of “free”, the same color as the foundation or transparent, to file just a natural veil over your skin.
The cheeks and lips
Games harmonies must be identical: Match always gloss to the blush.
version “coldly” hot pink blush and lip gloss glittering pink vermeil.
Version “your hot”: blush shimmer coral gloss transparent and beige, melon or fishing.
Draw your lips with a pencil, close to the natural color of the hem of your lips.
Then apply your lip gloss with a lip brush (it will take more), by stretching the melt up to the lip.
Version “coldly” and You lavender, pink or violet tints glaciers. version “your hot” crack on the apricot or fishing rainbow.
Apply a cream eye shadow across the eyelid, and a shadow powder (the same color) in the inner corner of your eye.
Emphasize the outer corners of the then upper and lower lids with a pencil in harmony with the cream shade. For example, dark purple or plum if you chose a dark eye in cool tones, and a brown mascara if you have opted for the warm tones.
Then, using a foam applicator, lightly melt the line of the eyelid to the edge of the eyebrow. By drawing the diagonal, you will create a shadow effect, which will balance your eyelid and your eyebrow.
Side lashes, black mascara prefer to focus attention on the shape and color of your eyes. For the evening, put a touch of color mascara on the tips of your lashes, while playing the card of contrasts. For example, if you chose a pink eye shadow, use a brown mascara orange, if you chose a blush in shades of brown, beige, use a mascara purple or plum.
For further beautiful nail makeup tips, you may have a visit to the website,

Hair And Make-up – Not Simple Things, What You Must Know

Hair And Make-up – Not Simple Things, What You Must Know
Hair and make-up are big factors to boost your ego. These can give you self-confidence as they make you look more appealing and beautiful – if you know the right techniques. If you don’t, then these can do you more harm than good; they can make you look unsightly and to some extent – hideous and unflattering.


There should be some tips to ponder on before you go to your hair dresser. Before having any treatments or hair-cutting, you should consult with your hair expert first. Your hair texture, color, condition and thickness should be examined. The hair style that you find awesome in the pictures may not be for you.

You should also have your hair cut and styled in accordance to your age, your job and your status. A style you found beautiful on a teen-age actress may be horrid to you. Then, aside the hair, the physical side of your face must also be studied. The hair cut fits the structure and contours of your face.

There are styles that would need some tools in order to duplicate the style created on you by your hair dresser. You may need a specific kind of brush, or you must be equipped with hairdryer. You may be required to use styling products. There is a big difference in professional and counter products. The products that you may pull out of the shelves may not be suitable to your style and hair type. So check with your expert on the kind of mousse, sprays or gel.


Make-up application is an art. You are to assume to role of a painter with your face as your canvas. Your make-up can make a drastic change on your appearance. With the proper technique, you can change you mood from one of a conservative to a modern lady. Like hair, it can accentuate or ruin your personality.

On the other hand, unlike the hair, the make-up is easier to undo when it does not look good on you. However, the kinds of make-up are variable. You cannot use the same make-up for day or night wear. With practice, you can easily learn the proper way of applying an enhancing make-up. In application and choice of cosmetic products several factors are interrelated. There is a need for proper coordination among the facial make-up, the hair style, the apparel to be worn, the occasion and the personality of the wearer.

Color selection is a major aspect of excellent make-up. Oftentimes, because of the wide range of products and brands, the choice of color gives a woman some problems in choosing her lipstick, blusher or rouge, foundation, powder, eye shadow and eye liners and eye brow pencils. But seeking the advice of a professional make-up expert can accord the best desired result.

Hair styling and make-up had been invented to make a woman look alluring. However, if the proper methods are not applied, the purpose of these great cosmetic researches is defeated. Instead of a beautiful “You”, a horrendous lady might be shying away instead.

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New Hairstyle Fashion Trend: Hair Color And Beautiful Makeup Hair

New Hairstyle Fashion Trend: Hair Color And Beautiful Makeup Hair

Have monochromatic hair can become boring, however, decide to add Color streaks our hair can be difficult and risky, so should be informed and looking at pictures to inspire and make a correct decision without regret when there is no turning back.

If you have the right attitude and glamorous hair with girls hair accessories, you can try bold colors. You must also take into account your hair texture, length, skin tone and facial shape.

The hair color trend 2011 proposes a variety of shades and it is important to be aware in order to make a correct decision. Red Wicks uniformly or in different shades, are modern and nice. You can choose two jewel tones or cake and a deep red.

The key is to play with colors that add depth to your hair and those who light up.
Purple tones are becoming increasingly popular. Purple dominates trends and does so in a very striking or subtle and mysterious. It is perfect for those who are seeking a dramatic change.
Other varieties of colors are also strong 2011 beautiful makeup trend. It is good to work with the base of the hair and add color streaks that really make a statement. Pink, blue and orange are other options 2011.
Today, the styles and fashion are so developed that there is much variety for every hair type. Whether the hair is straight, curly or frizzy, it is the trend.
2011 hairstyles: short hair.
The Blunt cut is versatile and is based on letting the front and the rest long hair very short, The front is left to one side, covering part of the face.
Another strong style in 2011 is the cut Dimensional shag. Is for medium length hair and is based on fluff the front end and leave with a bang.
Tidy your cosmetic bag, know more about fashion and focus on the new hairstyles.


Hair Salons Colorado: Top Hair and Makeup Services at Moderate Prices

Hair Salons Colorado: Top Hair and Makeup Services at Moderate Prices
The Blue Dragonfly hair salon is one of the hair salons Colorado has within its borders. It is a professional hair and makeup Schwarzkopf diamond salon that has been chosen as number one in 2008 and 2009 Aurora.
The salon is open throughout the week but with different schedules each day. On Mondays, it is open from 11 am to 4 pm only. But on Tuesday through Friday, the salon hours start at 9 in the morning until 7 in the evening. Saturday business hours starts at nine as well but ends at 5 pm. Sundays are devoted to clients with appointments.

Apart from hairstyling services, hair salons Colorado residents go to are experts in hair coloring and highlighting. The salon has a staff that has been trained extensively in fusing color and style with perfect balance. Only the best Schwarzkopf products are used in coloring your hair to give it the best shine and condition.

The salon charges from 55 dollars for a color retouch while a full color job starts at 65 dollars. Highlights are more expensive since the rate starts at 115 dollars. Partially highlighting your hair is a bit cheaper at 95 dollars while a highlight and lowlight combination starts at 125 dollars.

The salon also provides a six foil accent highlight job starting at 40 dollars but if you add four foils for a total of ten foils, the price is seven dollars for each foil. Semi permanent coloring starts at 45 dollars while dramatic and corrective coloring prices are given upon consultation.

If a skilled makeup service is what you need, hair salons Colorado like Blue Dragonfly is is also one of the best places to go to. You can avail of their expert makeup services for various special occasions such as senior pictures, weddings or graduations. Mirabella cosmetics are used and an application artist is available for you when you come in.

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Hollywood Stars Without Makeup

Hollywood Stars Without Makeup

In the past, women highly appreciated the natural beauty and thought that women who wear makeup are not natural beauties. However makeup, colored hair, plastic surgeries are commonly used nowadays. For example, Hollywood stars often appear with heavy makeup and we rarely see them without it. Because makeup can partially change the appearance of celebrities, their fans are always curious about their natural beauty. Hollywood stars do not appear in cosmetics all the time. They sometimes still go out without makeup. Let’s look at the photos below to see how they are without cosmetic cover ups.


Kim Kardashian

Kim is often seen wearing a lot of make-up whenever she wants to show her fabulous facial features. However, some people say that she actually looks better without it.

It is no doubt that Kim Kardashian is a pretty girl with or without make-up.


Jennifer Garner

Jennifer Garner is almost the only natural star in Hollywood. The mother of two leaves her house with no makeup and still looks gorgeous.


Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson even looks stunning without make-up. The singer and actress used to show her natural beauty on the cover of Marie Claire.


Hilary Duff

Hilary Duff appears to have great skin without make-up in this photo. However, make-up seems to make her more beautiful and attractive


Rebecca Gayheart

The beaming new mom Rebecca Gayheart looks strong and attractive even with no make-up


Gwyneth Paltrow

Gwyneth Paltrow was pictured leaving the uber plush Cipriani Restaurant in central London. Gwyneth was wearing no make up as she left.


Reese Witherspoon

“Four Chirstmases” star, Reese Witherspoon appears with a total natural beauty.


Pamela Anderson

Pamela Anderson always wears heavy make up. Different from many other celebrities, she looks rather ugly without it


Dakota Fanning

Dakota Fanning often skips wearing cosmetics. However, the actress hardly looks any different without makeup on. Without cosmetics, she is still youthful and gorgeous


Alicia Silverstone

The Clueless star, Alicia Silverstone still looks charming without make-up. She has naturally radiant skin due to her healthy vegan lifestyle.



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Best Hair and Makeup at 2011 Grammy Awards

Best Hair and Makeup at 2011 Grammy Awards

The 53rd annual Grammy Awards took place on February 13, 2011 at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. The annual awards ceremony recognizes outstanding achievement in the music industry. The nominations of the 2011 Grammy Awards were announced on December 2010 and a total of 109 awards were also presented. The event drew much attention of many people. It also featured amazing performances of well-known artists as well as the presence of famous stars such as Lady Gaga, Jay-Z, Justin Bieber and many other distinguished pop musicians. This is the list of stars who are considered to own the best hair and makeup at the event. Let’s have a look at them through the photos below:


Rihanna: Best Bob

Rihanna wore a strapless dress so her hairstylist, Ursula Stephen, decided to make a little shorter with her hair.


Florence Welch: Best Bangs

Welch\’s hair shine was designed basing on bright red strands courtesy of Zina at Myla and Davis in London.


Heidi Klum: Best Updo

Heidi Klum\’s unfussy updo was made carefully. Her informal hairstyle was elegant but still approachable.


Katy Perry: Best Two-Toned Eye Shadow

Makeup artist Jake Bailey used lavender cream to make up for Katy’s eye. Her look was angelic, sparkly and ethereal.


Selena Gomez: Best Pink Lipstick

Makeup artist Karan Mitchell made Selena Gomez’s lips more attractive when using the color that is brighter than her natural lip


Lea Michele: Best Part

Hairstylist Mark Townsend talked about the look he created for Lea Michele that he hit Michele’s bangs with a middle part and put a new texture in her hair.


Eva Longoria Parker: Best Ponytail

Eva Longoria looked stunning in her high and tight ponytail. Her hairstyle was neat and polished with a flirty appeal


Dianna Agron: Best Winged Eye Shadow

Makeup artist Jillian Dempsey spent a really long time on Avon’s eye makeup. After being made up, Avon had the exaggerated cat-eye shape with chocolate brown eye shadow.


Jennifer Hudson: Best Skin

Jennifer Hudson\’s skin was considered as a perfect canvas for the rest of her look. Lipstick and eye shadow create her beautiful look.



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Hair and Makeup Tips For Summer Brides

Hair and Makeup Tips For Summer Brides

Summer is one of the most popular seasons for weddings, thanks to the long sunny days and balmy evenings. All of that sunshine and warmth, however, can wreak havoc on your hair and makeup. These are some tips about how summer brides can look cool and fresh even as the temperature and humidity rise.

You have to plan strategically for a summer wedding, especially for an outdoor event. Your everyday beauty products may not make a graceful transition from an air-conditioned office to a hot and humid garden or beach wedding. When you are going for your pre-wedding hair and makeup trials, be sure to let the stylist know that you need products that will withstand warm weather.

The biggest problem with summer hair is frizz. This can be true even for brides with straight hair, and frizz can be an absolute nightmare for curly haired brides. The best way to combat frizz is by prepping your hair with products that are designed to keep it looking smooth and neat all day. There are smoothing serums and pomades available for every hair type, and they can be a bride’s best friend on a hot summer day.

Choosing a sensible hairstyle will also help you stay looking fresh as a daisy. Keep it simple and unpretentious, and remember that elaborate hairdos are prone to wilting in the heat. Unless you know that your hair will not go flat or frizzy on a hot, sticky day, wear it pulled back to keep it off your neck and under control. Another tip is to choose pearl or crystal bridal jewelry for your hair instead of fresh flowers which will die in your updo. If you love the idea of wearing flowers in your hair, look for bridal jewelry such as hairpins that are designed in a floral motif. Not only will they wear better over the course of your wedding day, but you will be able to use them again for other special occasions.

Summer makeup should look light and fresh. A heavily made up face just doesn’t look right on a summer afternoon in the garden or on the beach (this goes for the guests too, by the way). When makeup is applied with a lighter touch, it will also be less likely to melt in the heat and make a mess of your face. Of course every bride wants to wear a little makeup to enhance her features and conceal flaws; the key is to choose the right products.

Preparing the face is the most important step for summer bridal makeup. If you are prone to looking shiny or oily, start with a mattifying or oil absorbing gel. You can apply it all over your face, or just in your t-zone, as needed. Brides of all skin types should use a primer before their foundation. This gives your makeup a perfect surface over which to glide, and it will also give your foundation better staying power. If you plan to wear eye shadow, an eyelid primer will help to prevent your makeup from creasing or disappearing.

When it comes to foundation for a summer wedding, less is more. Even if you use a fairly heavy formula in the winter, for the summer months it is important to lighten up. Often a tinted moisturizer is the ideal weight for a hot day. A good rule of thumb is that you should still be able to see your freckles through the makeup; that way you will know that your look is fresh and summery. Attack any trouble spots like undereye circles or blemishes with concealer, while allowing the rest of your face to have a more natural (yet polished) appearance.

Finish your wedding day makeup with a cream blush for a natural flush. Choose a lipstick in a pretty and soft color; give it staying power by lining your entire lip with a neutral lip pencil before applying the color. With these tips in mind, you will look like a fresh and radiant bride for your entire wedding day.

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Makeup tips

Makeup tips

You want to have your best face toward armed with beauty secrets. The following tips will help you have beautiful makeup.


1. Overall look


The most important tip for you to remember is that your face must look natural after even the most comprehensive makeup. Different colors on your face have to be in harmony with each other. You will look better if skin and hair colors are not the same as your shades’, so your face will be enhanced with light color if you have light hair and skin tone. For your oily skin, you need to utilize control moisturizer, then wearing movable powder.


2. Fitting makeup


Your destination is really important for you to wear appropriate makeup. Going to the beach and going dancing require different ways of making up. Bear in mind that makeup for nighttime should be colored more than for daylight.


3. Lips


The first thing is that lip color has to be suitable with your skin tone. Different skin color will need different lip color. Make up your lip with cool color if you have cool skin tone and vice verses. Secondly, lipstick will not stay alive longunless the lips are not coated entirely. Thirdly, if you have thick lips, you should draw a line inside them. Nonetheless, it is not true for thin lips to do the contrary thing. This will make your lips neither larger nor relatively untidy and natural.


4. Hair color


Hair color also needs to be suitable with skin color. The color you add to your hair should be fairly like your shade. Light color is good for light hair. When coloring your hair, do remember to have your hair roots covered.


5. Enough wearing


Makeup is the way to hide the unattractive points and brighten the good looking points on one’s face to catch attention from others. However; if your face is made up excessively, too much, you will be observed unlike the way you desire. Here is what you need to know:


 Eyeliner: a very dark and thick eye shadow will spoil your whole face.


 Mascara: wearing too much mascara will make your face unnatural. It will also ruin your whole face when attributed by thick and dark blue eyeliner.


Foundation: your face will look soft with foundation if foundation color is like your skin.


Powder: And powder is also not an exception. Be sure that the lineS will be obvious if your makeup is not intermingled.


6. Hardly wearing makeup


Some women lack knowledge on the ways to wear makeup beautifully, so they are not fond of showing off. Set up without too dark colors and put on one kind of makeup step by step. First is the foundation, and then mascara, blush or lipstick. Very light makeup is still too much for those who are not accustomed with it, so start with the bottom line. It is better than without wearing makeup. A good advice from the expert will help much in case you are still unconfident.


7. One last thing


Always refresh your makeup for the whole day. Do not let your makeup lose color and create winkle. Have a smirk!



If you want to read about more beauty tips and techniques, visit our website http://www.latest-beauty-tips.com. You will find much more info on health & beauty products & tips to help your skin and health problems. Please feel free to post your message or respond to the postings there.

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