Hair And Make-up – Not Simple Things, What You Must Know

Hair And Make-up – Not Simple Things, What You Must Know
Hair and make-up are big factors to boost your ego. These can give you self-confidence as they make you look more appealing and beautiful – if you know the right techniques. If you don’t, then these can do you more harm than good; they can make you look unsightly and to some extent – hideous and unflattering.


There should be some tips to ponder on before you go to your hair dresser. Before having any treatments or hair-cutting, you should consult with your hair expert first. Your hair texture, color, condition and thickness should be examined. The hair style that you find awesome in the pictures may not be for you.

You should also have your hair cut and styled in accordance to your age, your job and your status. A style you found beautiful on a teen-age actress may be horrid to you. Then, aside the hair, the physical side of your face must also be studied. The hair cut fits the structure and contours of your face.

There are styles that would need some tools in order to duplicate the style created on you by your hair dresser. You may need a specific kind of brush, or you must be equipped with hairdryer. You may be required to use styling products. There is a big difference in professional and counter products. The products that you may pull out of the shelves may not be suitable to your style and hair type. So check with your expert on the kind of mousse, sprays or gel.


Make-up application is an art. You are to assume to role of a painter with your face as your canvas. Your make-up can make a drastic change on your appearance. With the proper technique, you can change you mood from one of a conservative to a modern lady. Like hair, it can accentuate or ruin your personality.

On the other hand, unlike the hair, the make-up is easier to undo when it does not look good on you. However, the kinds of make-up are variable. You cannot use the same make-up for day or night wear. With practice, you can easily learn the proper way of applying an enhancing make-up. In application and choice of cosmetic products several factors are interrelated. There is a need for proper coordination among the facial make-up, the hair style, the apparel to be worn, the occasion and the personality of the wearer.

Color selection is a major aspect of excellent make-up. Oftentimes, because of the wide range of products and brands, the choice of color gives a woman some problems in choosing her lipstick, blusher or rouge, foundation, powder, eye shadow and eye liners and eye brow pencils. But seeking the advice of a professional make-up expert can accord the best desired result.

Hair styling and make-up had been invented to make a woman look alluring. However, if the proper methods are not applied, the purpose of these great cosmetic researches is defeated. Instead of a beautiful “You”, a horrendous lady might be shying away instead.

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