Theater Makeup

Theater Makeup

Applying makeup for the theater must be very precise. After all, the character being portrayed must be believable and sincere. Research will assure the character makeup correctly matches the period, setting, or mood of the theater. This may require becoming familiar with the script or show. Communication between cast, set director, hair stylist, and makeup artist will help in creating a good working relationship between all.

Before Applying Theater Makeup

Know the type of lighting that will be used for the theater. Whatever the color lights, yellow or red, will affect the outcome of the makeup fashion. It will also be necessary to know the distance from stage to audience. Since makeup will need to be seen from all distances, the features must be made up precisely; so as not to appear flattened and drowned out by lights. The makeup artist will also want to come up with a schematic plan or drawing, of what the final appearance will look like. Keep in mind; this may not be necessary if the production is for a kindergarten play.

Tools for Applying Theater Makeup

Because the actor will be on stage, under bright lights, and viewed at from a distance, choosing the correct tools is a crucial in applying theatrical makeup fashion. Since the theatrical makeup tends to be more pigmented and heavier than daytime makeup, I recommend synthetic brushes for easy clean-up, velour powder puffs, and sponges. The use of false eyelashes is also an effective tool for adding emphasis to the eyes. Some of the products may have an oil base. Using the synthetic brushes will protect the longevity of the brush. If applying a powder rouge, a natural hair brush is also acceptable. I recommend several different sizes of brushes; a large brush for rouge, two medium eye shadow brushes, a contouring brush, and a lip brush.

Applying Theater Makeup

1. Cleanse and moisturize the skin. Always begin with a fresh canvas. Makeup will look and last better if the face is free from dirt, dead skin cells, and excess oils.

2. It is equally important to highlight and contour facial features. You will want to add highlight to areas that stand out such as the cheekbones, chin, forehead, and t-zone. This can be accomplished using a shade lighter in foundation and white highlighter. Using a darker foundation, contour parts of the face, under the cheekbone and the temples that recede naturally. This will add dimension and character to the face.

3. Apply foundation that is one to two times darker than normal. The lights will fade and flatten the face if not. The audience needs to see that face from a distance. It is important to blend since the lighting may pick up lines of fluctuating color. Use translucent powder to set the makeup.

4. Follow with rouge. I find that using a powder rouge will help with blending. It is also easy to control the amount of color since the color can be intensified gradually so the actor doesn’t appear to look like a doll.

5. If the role shows other parts of the skin such as the arms, shoulders, or legs, you may need to use body foundation to match the face to the body. I find it best to use a dampened sponge when applying body foundation. This helps spread the makeup evenly, without streaks.

6. You need to know that in theater, the eyes and mouth are centers for emotion. They will need to be exaggerated. They can be highlighted and colored with more pigment than other facial areas. Just remember that you don’t want to look like a raccoon. It is best to stay away from heavily lining the bottom portion of the eye in black. I will use a soft brown and smudge if more emphasis is needed. You can exaggerate the line on the top of the eye if appropriate to the role.

7. Curl the lashes and apply mascara one coat at a time, allowing the mascara to dry in between coats. Curling the lashes helps to open up the eye area.

8. Line the lips using a color that matches the lipstick. I often choose lipstick in a color darker or brighter than normally used so the lips can be seen. Follow the natural line of the lips then apply lipstick using a lip brush.

9. Finish applying the theater makeup fashion by dusting translucent powder to areas you feel need to be set in place.

Special Details in Theater Makeup

A character may need to be made older or younger, with scars and cuts, bruised, or balding. These special effects take time and special materials. If a role calls for special effects details, plan the schematics ahead of time. Special research and time will need to be allotted.

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Stage Makeup and Hair

Stage Makeup and Hair

Stage Makeup and Hair

If appearing on stage and speaking public is among the top ten things that scare you, imagine what public speaking on a stage with bad makeup can do for your self esteem. While a makeup artist cannot help with stage fright, he or she can help with the bad makeup; even offer some suggestions for hair.

Applying Stage Makeup like a Professional

You need to know your products and tools. The wrong product and tool can spoil a production. Foundation can make the face look flat and expressionless if not chosen correctly. The wrong lip color can draw attention to the lips and take away from stage presence. You do not want a faceless presence. Opposite of appearing expressionless is appearing overly exaggerated. Using the wrong tools can make lines seem clown-like or even sloppy and smeared. Makeup is unrealistic and fake looking. A balance of visual and reality is needed for success. Keep in mind that those sitting in the back of the auditorium will need to see facial features and expressions just like those sitting up front. I like to use panstick foundation in a shade or two darker than normally used for its coverage and visibility, loose translucent powder to set the makeup, eye shadow with a high pigment, lipstick in a color that complements the skin tone, eyeliner and mascara in black or dark brown, concealer, and highlighter. You may want to have false eye lashes on hand to add emphasis to the eyes. When working with these products, it is best to have the following tools available for application: sponge for foundation, velour powder puff, natural hair shadow brushes, a lip brush, and a mascara wand and curler.

Tips for Application of Stage Makeup

1. I always begin stage makeup fashion with a clean face. Makeup will last longer and application easier if the face is free from dirt and oils. I also recommend a toner to add balance to the skin’s ph.

2. Once the face is clean, now is the time to apply the eyelashes. The lashes will adhere better without moisturizer.

3. Apply moisturizer. Lights and heavy makeup can have a drying effect. Moisturizer will help nourish the skin.

4. Know your lighting, best features, and face shape. This will come in handy when applying concealer and corrector. Apply concealer in a shade lighter to hide dark circles under the eyes. Blend well so the lines are not visible. Apply corrector to correct the face shape. I will apply the corrector just under the cheekbone to give depth to a face. Once again, you must know the face shape and blend well or the lines will appear as streaks on stage.

5. Using a panstick foundation will give good coverage. It is simple to use with a sponge and can be blended easily. If you find the foundation too heavy, dampen the sponge to ease coverage. Apply a generous amount of translucent powder, concentrated under the eyes. This will help clean up loose shadow, as well as set the makeup and avoid shine.

6. Rouge should be applied in a shade that complements your skin tone. It also needs to be seen in the audience so that the face does not appear flat.

7. Apply the eye makeup fashion, keeping in mind that the audience will be seeing at different distances. Lines should be neat and blended. Too much black liner on both top and bottom can sometimes appear harsh. If using a prominent, thick line on the top, go lighter lining the bottom, even try using brown on the bottom and black on the top. Curl the lashes to further open the eyes. Apply mascara one coat at a time, dry and apply a second coat to add thickness and length.

8. Remove any loose powder. Clean up areas that appear sloppy.

9. Apply lip color using a brush for neatness. If using a liner, choose one that matches the lipstick so the lips remain clean and neat. A severe line can add focus where you don’t want the focus. Gloss will add dimension, but be careful not to overload.

Stage Hair

Stage hair needs to complement the makeup fashion and visa-versa. It is best to communicate with a stylist to get a hair style that best fits the stage event. If the stage event is of a particular period of time, it is extremely important to get the hair perfect for that period. The character or situation needs to be realistic whether the situation is ballet, talent, professional, pageant, or performance. Once again, if the hair is too dramatic, or competes with the makeup, it will distract from the stage show. When in doubt, keep the hair simple and away from the face. This will be one less distraction.


Stage fright will come and go. The job of a makeup artist will live on forever. Do your job, and enjoy the show.

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Using Karmin Hair Straightener

Using Karmin Hair Straightener
The Karmin Hair Straightener is the perfect choice for the people who wish to possess the perfect styling tools. The Karmin Hair Straightener is equipped with the fine salon quality features and technical integrations. Karmin Hair Straightener protects the sensitive hair fiber against the severe heat of the device. The Karmin Hair Straightener is incorporated with the salon quality styling tools, which works best on the hair.

Today, other exclusive features make it one of the most favored hairs styling device. It comes with variable temperature options for all type of hair and professional 360 degree, tangle free revolving cord. The quick heating feature can style your hair in any desired manner, which lasts longer. The straightener has ultra hard titanium plate surfaces for uniform distribution of the heat. The titanium is scratch resistant which wont damages the hair like other ordinary straightener and is accessorized with micro-porous technology which doesnt wipe off the natural moisture in the scalp.
Karmin straightener replenishes the ionic and infrared heats in the hair fiber, making the hair appear shinier and healthier. Karmin straightener improves the texture of the hair and results in silky and smoother hair than any other straightener. The Karmin Hair Straightener proffers negative ions and infrared heat which adds volume and removes the static, to gives absolutely anti-frizzy hair. Moreover, negative ions close the cuticle layer and seal the natural oils and moisture of the hair and enhance the growth rate of the hair. The Karmin straighteners are favored a lot as they easily tame the flyaway hair, without damaging the hair fibers.

The infrared heat works gently on the hair shaft and makes it become supplier and works quickly. It delivers uniform heat from the hair follicle up to the hair fiber improves the natural texture of the hair and hydrates the scalp. The Karmin ensures that the natural nutrients and oils are locked in the scalp which creates beautiful shine and straightness, which lasts long. The Karmin Hair Straightener doesnt only work best on straightening the hair, but also are considered ideal for curls, waves and flips.

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Review Aboutquantum Thermal Straightener

Review Aboutquantum Thermal Straightener
Quantum Thermal Straightener is considered to be a solution for permanently straightening a curly or wavy hair into sleek smooth straight hair. It makes maximum utilization of the applications in Japanese Permanent Hair Straightening System.

The thermal hair straightening device gives the best desired result of permanently straightening the hair by going through simple procedures. The first step is the Porosity Equalizer. It has the capability to equalize the porosity of the curls. This treatment contains conditioners and proteins and it enables thermally straightening the hair uniformly. The next step is the Thermal Straightener. In this step the Thioglycolate based formula along with the rich conditioners breaks down the cystine bonds of the hair. By this process the curls gets softened so as to get reconfigured. This softened hair is to be washed to remove the straightener and it is then thermally processed with the aid of ceramic flat iron. The third process is Neutralizer. The thermally processed softened hair is hardened by making use of creamy neutralizers. The vegetable collagen, conditioners and the anti oxidants vitamins like Vitamins A, C and E and the humectants included in the creamy neutralizers makes the hair silky straight. The concluding process is the leave in treatment. This final process comprises of silicone, extracts of panthenol, aloe vera and the like and the most essential oils required for the hair which gives maximum conditioning and makes the straightened hair extremely soft and silky.

The innovative curl styling gadget, Quantum Thermal Straightener comprises of an out of ordinary patented conditioning complex that assist in smoothening the hair cuticles thereby making the hair extremely manageable and giving it a gleaming and glossy look. Further it makes the most of minerals, collagen and multivitamins that nourishes the hair and prevents any adverse effects that may cause damage to the hair thus improving the texture and giving it more volume.

The blend of the Japanese style Technology and the expert knowledge, experience and technology of Quantum utilized in the Quantum Thermal Straightener is sure to transform any type or nature of hair into sleek, smooth, silky, healthy and shiny looking hair.

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Chi Hair Straightener

Chi Hair Straightener

Women and hairstyling are just inseparable. For women, the hair is like their crowning glory. If possible, they would want to change their hairstyle everyday. Some would even spend hours styling up their hair according to their mood for the day. From curls to straightening. Every women would like to experiment on what hairstyle suits their feature and brings out the best in them.

Long ago during the 1960s, curls are the trend among women. And then as the years evolve, hairstyle has also changed. From large curls to small curls. Then came along straight hairs. Those who has natural curls would then asked to straighten their hair. Despite many years has passed, many women still like to have straight hair.

Now, there are other name for hair straightening. Some would call it Rebonding. Some would still call Straightening. No matter what it is called, it still gives the same effect to the hair. Smooth, silky, healthy looking hair. For those who never undergo the hair straightening process, have anyone ever wonder how and what are the process like?

Doing hair straightening, one can do this at home or at the salon with the help of professional hairstylist. If one chooses to do this at home, what they should do in the first place was to get tips on how to do hair straightening on your own. And then, get a good hair straightener. There are tonnes of hair straightener in the market. All giving the same result but the point is, which of these brands protect the hair. Brands like Vidal Sasson or even the CHI Straightener have been in the market for quite a long time and these brands have been trusted by so many people. Professional salons uses them everyday and have been giving quite good reviews about them.

It is said that in order to protect the hair while you undergo the straightening process, choosing the right plate of the straightener is very important. Some straightener comes with ion plate and some comes with ceramic plate like the CHI Hair Straightener. Ceramic plate can not only protects the hair but it also gives better result. However, always be on guard when the manufacturer said that it is a ceramic plate because there are some that is not 100% ceramic plate. Some are ceramic coated plate.

Most people uses the CHI Straightener because of the result. Some review said that after using this product, their hair feels so much lighter and more manageable. The price is also affordable. Anyone can own a set of the CHI Hair Straightener.

Straightening hair can be done by yourself at home. All you need is a good straightener. As mentioned before, do read all the tips on how to maintain and get a nice straight hair. Always remember to stay away from cheap straightener and never to use them everyday because it will damage the hair structure. Follow all the tips given and you will be on your way to have hair like a celebrity!

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