Hair Salons Colorado: Top Hair and Makeup Services at Moderate Prices

Hair Salons Colorado: Top Hair and Makeup Services at Moderate Prices
The Blue Dragonfly hair salon is one of the hair salons Colorado has within its borders. It is a professional hair and makeup Schwarzkopf diamond salon that has been chosen as number one in 2008 and 2009 Aurora.
The salon is open throughout the week but with different schedules each day. On Mondays, it is open from 11 am to 4 pm only. But on Tuesday through Friday, the salon hours start at 9 in the morning until 7 in the evening. Saturday business hours starts at nine as well but ends at 5 pm. Sundays are devoted to clients with appointments.

Apart from hairstyling services, hair salons Colorado residents go to are experts in hair coloring and highlighting. The salon has a staff that has been trained extensively in fusing color and style with perfect balance. Only the best Schwarzkopf products are used in coloring your hair to give it the best shine and condition.

The salon charges from 55 dollars for a color retouch while a full color job starts at 65 dollars. Highlights are more expensive since the rate starts at 115 dollars. Partially highlighting your hair is a bit cheaper at 95 dollars while a highlight and lowlight combination starts at 125 dollars.

The salon also provides a six foil accent highlight job starting at 40 dollars but if you add four foils for a total of ten foils, the price is seven dollars for each foil. Semi permanent coloring starts at 45 dollars while dramatic and corrective coloring prices are given upon consultation.

If a skilled makeup service is what you need, hair salons Colorado like Blue Dragonfly is is also one of the best places to go to. You can avail of their expert makeup services for various special occasions such as senior pictures, weddings or graduations. Mirabella cosmetics are used and an application artist is available for you when you come in.

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