Hair and Makeup Tips For Summer Brides

Hair and Makeup Tips For Summer Brides

Summer is one of the most popular seasons for weddings, thanks to the long sunny days and balmy evenings. All of that sunshine and warmth, however, can wreak havoc on your hair and makeup. These are some tips about how summer brides can look cool and fresh even as the temperature and humidity rise.

You have to plan strategically for a summer wedding, especially for an outdoor event. Your everyday beauty products may not make a graceful transition from an air-conditioned office to a hot and humid garden or beach wedding. When you are going for your pre-wedding hair and makeup trials, be sure to let the stylist know that you need products that will withstand warm weather.

The biggest problem with summer hair is frizz. This can be true even for brides with straight hair, and frizz can be an absolute nightmare for curly haired brides. The best way to combat frizz is by prepping your hair with products that are designed to keep it looking smooth and neat all day. There are smoothing serums and pomades available for every hair type, and they can be a bride’s best friend on a hot summer day.

Choosing a sensible hairstyle will also help you stay looking fresh as a daisy. Keep it simple and unpretentious, and remember that elaborate hairdos are prone to wilting in the heat. Unless you know that your hair will not go flat or frizzy on a hot, sticky day, wear it pulled back to keep it off your neck and under control. Another tip is to choose pearl or crystal bridal jewelry for your hair instead of fresh flowers which will die in your updo. If you love the idea of wearing flowers in your hair, look for bridal jewelry such as hairpins that are designed in a floral motif. Not only will they wear better over the course of your wedding day, but you will be able to use them again for other special occasions.

Summer makeup should look light and fresh. A heavily made up face just doesn’t look right on a summer afternoon in the garden or on the beach (this goes for the guests too, by the way). When makeup is applied with a lighter touch, it will also be less likely to melt in the heat and make a mess of your face. Of course every bride wants to wear a little makeup to enhance her features and conceal flaws; the key is to choose the right products.

Preparing the face is the most important step for summer bridal makeup. If you are prone to looking shiny or oily, start with a mattifying or oil absorbing gel. You can apply it all over your face, or just in your t-zone, as needed. Brides of all skin types should use a primer before their foundation. This gives your makeup a perfect surface over which to glide, and it will also give your foundation better staying power. If you plan to wear eye shadow, an eyelid primer will help to prevent your makeup from creasing or disappearing.

When it comes to foundation for a summer wedding, less is more. Even if you use a fairly heavy formula in the winter, for the summer months it is important to lighten up. Often a tinted moisturizer is the ideal weight for a hot day. A good rule of thumb is that you should still be able to see your freckles through the makeup; that way you will know that your look is fresh and summery. Attack any trouble spots like undereye circles or blemishes with concealer, while allowing the rest of your face to have a more natural (yet polished) appearance.

Finish your wedding day makeup with a cream blush for a natural flush. Choose a lipstick in a pretty and soft color; give it staying power by lining your entire lip with a neutral lip pencil before applying the color. With these tips in mind, you will look like a fresh and radiant bride for your entire wedding day.

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Black Hair Cuts & Styles

Black Hair Cuts & Styles

So me and my best friend Tamika R were having a conversation on my new hair style which I love and we got to talking about black hair cuts/styles which I know nothing about. We talked for like 3 hours about it and I learned a lot, so I thought I would share what I learned with everyone else like me who knows nothing about black hair.

About Black Hair
First of all black hair breaks really easy so you have to take really good care of it. It is naturally very wavy, kinky and tangles very easily. It tends to be really dry.

Braids, glues, relaxers and extension are very bad for hair. All of these techniques weaken hair and can cause long term damage. If you pull braids to tight you can cause the hair to break, which in turn can cause a receding hair line. Hot combs can also cause hair loss and damage.

Black Hair Cuts/Styles
So there are a lot of hair styles for black women these days, but generally they all fall under 7 very basic categories.

Afro – for a free natural look
Bob – straightened hair that is layered for a very sheek look
Pull Back – for short hair, add texture to show off wavy hair.
Long Hair – This is a classic that is easy to add curls too.
Ponytail – Easy to do for that on the go woman.
Braids – Very popular, always in style
Dreads – Thick braids, natural look where hair is twisted and knotted into position.

More About Dreads
If you are going to wear dreadlocks please follow these hints to make it easier.

Wash twice a week. If you don’t they will itch and start to smell.
Don’t wash too much because they will dry out.
Use a shampoo for black hair like PFS Moisture Shampoo, so your hair does not dry out.
Rinse and dry well.
Keep dreads hydrated in between washes with a leave in conditioner like PFS Strengthening Mist.
Use oil treatments to reduce frizz.
Never strain them.
Once you get the dreads it’s recommended that you do not use harsh chemicals on them.

So that’s pretty much it I learned a lot and I hope you did two I recommended the products above because Tamika said that they really worked for her. As usual thanks for listening and if you have any feedback I would love to hear it.

So today I have to give credit my friend Tamika she really opened my eyes about black hair. I was really clueless about it up until now. I mentioned two products above that Tamika has been using for about 2 years now. She gets them from a black hair cuts/styles website.
If you would like to learn more click on the link I included.

Styling up with short hair

Styling up with short hair
Short hairstyles are now the talk of the town. Old and misconception that short hair cut cannot look sexy and feminine is changing slowly. The trendsetters of the society i.e. fashionable figures from Hollywood, our very own Bollywood all page three party creatures are now prefers to flaunt short trendy hair cut. They like to experiment with their short tresses, as it is handy and problem free. You can apply any style and color with fewer problems comparing long hair.

From Hollywood, the main land of fashion and style, many figure, like Katee Holms, Hally Barry, Meg Rayan, Sophia Loria, Kaira Nightley all are having the same trend of short hairstyles. Singer Rehana, page three celebrities Victoria Beckham and many others prefer short hair. Here we will discuss the details of Victoria Beckham, very stylish and ex pop singer and the famous football player David Beckham’s wife, Victoria Beckham, on the launching function of her and his husband’s joint perfume venture this hair cut public. She flaunts this unique hair cut which is different looking from four different portions. Front look differs from back hairline. Right does not match with left side.

Front side: Front side of Victoria Beckham’s hair cut is asymmetrical because its two sides left hand side and right hand do not match with other. Right hand side is lengthier than the left hand side. You cannot even about the complete hair cut turns to be that type. The left side part has slight bangs. Bangs from the left hand side come to the opposite side that is to the right and it falls down to chin level with a slight blend. This is done to give a feminine touch and also a little bit of length. What you will notice in this haircut is a textured finish, which adds an extra ordinary and voluminous look. Hair color is also north noticing. Mixture of dark and light blonde has been applied, which gives a piecey look to the hairstyle. Front side of the hair is colored with light blonde and golden shades. Coloring gives her a sun kissed look. This is a perfect posh hair cut for “Spice Girls” star.

Back side: from the back this haircut is completely different in looking. Back hairline is short in length and has a gradual up ending with heavily chipped layered hair. Back portion is also textured but have a blending finish. From the crown to the top back part of the neck a sliced piecey textured cut, which has a full-length finish, is done. Back portion is also prominent because of its color style. Blonde color with a variation of dark golden blonde is done very cleverly and stylistically.

Right side: Right hand side is the most prominent part of this haircut. The left hand side is short neatly done behind the ears but the right hand side is lengthy up to the jaw line. To some extent it looks like Keira Knightly’s front hairdo. Mixture of short textural and long piecey strands is the feature of the right front portion. Again, the right side the blonde look is done with various blonde shades that give the hair a gorgeous look. The larger tresses flaunt the blonde highlight.

Left side: Left side is short and is neatly done behind the ears. Contrast between the left and right side makes this hairstyle unique. Left side with its short hair is simple and natural. Sun kissed finish is done at the top of the head and gradually it has become lighter.

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After care of short hair style

After care of short hair style
Short hair cut has lot of advantages. Of course it must suit your life style. Now if a woman has to go to her workplace everyday in the morning then she has no better option than a short and simple hair cut. If a student has no time to spend extra bucks and extra time for her long hair cut and hair care then again this hairdo is favorite. Least hair maintenance is the pro factor. So, the short hair style that suits you and your life style can dramatically and drastically change the way you feel and you look. It boosts you’re your confidence, make you look younger and reduce the amount of money and time you spend on hair care.

Choosing the right short hair cut is partly technical and partly artistic. It is about the basic elements of balance, line and movement. So be sure which hair cut will look good and match your personality. Use consultation tools and virtual styling software to watch out the difference.

Discover the proper hair care products and styling tools for your scalp care and to ensure beautiful healthy hair. Proper care for scalp is very important for short hair style because everyone can watch your scalp. So wash your hair daily with shampoo and conditioner. Short hair needs extra care as its length is short and can not hide the dirt and dandruff as a long hair can do. Conditioner is must as everyone keeps open their short hair and therefore there is a strong possibility that the hair stink dirt and become rough. So, conditioner is must. But do not use a conditioner in the hair root. It makes hair weak. Always use this on the hair.

For reproducing hair style that is ‘fresh and formal’ and so much like the salon you can use various types of styling products like hairspray, mousse, volumizer, styling gel, paste, putty, pomade, finishing gloss, frizz and curl control products. Using these things you can give your hair a style very much like the salon.

Hair color is another important thing. Coloring depends on your complexion. Fair looking people can go for some bright color and dark complexioned people can use shades like dark brown, burgundy, copper. Sizzling shades, fiery red browns, red coppers are fashionable for highlighting. . Your hair style determines your color too. What will match with short curly hair style that may not go with long silky straight hair type. So it is advisable to consult your hair expert first time then you apply yourself. So decide what color you prefer for your short hair. Colors are great ways to update your look and choose the right one to have a exciting new appearance for every occasion.

Short hair cut is time saving and money saving too. If you have hardly any time to spend for your hair care then switch to short hair cut. But be care choosing a short hair style because it should match your personality, life style, hair thickness, hair texture and body shape. So please consult your hair dresser and pick the right one. One thing is also very important to look at. That is what type of hairdo you see in catalog or in any book is a result of enormous effort of a prominent fashion hair stylist. It is therefore not necessary that you will also get that exact look like the very model flaunting the hair cut which you want to have. So do not choose something that your stylist is not very sure about that. Pick a simple but happening cut which is your stylist’s also favorite cut.

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Flat Iron, Steam Hair Straightener, Hair Flat Iron Straightener with STEAM Technology & 5D heating Teeth

Flat Iron, Steam Hair Straightener, Hair Flat Iron Straightener with STEAM Technology & 5D heating Teeth

Flat Iron, Steam Hair Straightener, Hair Flat Iron Straightener with STEAM Technology & 5D heating Teeth

  • NEW GENERATION & STEAM Technology- The controlled steam jet prepares the hair for the heat of the plates and supplies it optimally with moisture, to relax the hair structure and to lure perfectly in one pass. The integrated water tank can be easily filled with water and oil-free care substances. The water vapor moistens the hair and lures it even more intensively than normal hair straightener.
  • PROTECT YOU HAIR- Say goodbye to dead dry hair. The steam function set your hair free of frizz caused by static, makes your hair naturally straight, shiny and nourished why styling.
  • 1.25 INCH 3D FLOATING HEATING PANEL – Wide enough and auto adjusts to your hair thickness and type for best results.
  • 5D HEATING TEETH- The combination of the 5D HEATING TEETH & 1.25 INCH 3D FLOATING HEATING PANEL makes your hair straightened most efficiently.
  • SUITABLE FOR TRAVELING: Worldwide dual voltage 110v-220v, 2 hair clips included.

ACTIVATE STEAM FEATURE: This hair straightener is designed with newest steam function to straighten thick or coarse hair and reduce the damage by the high temperature.
Your hair will be moisture and shine back by using the cold steam conditioning while you straighten.
※ designed with a 60 minute auto shut off function
※ 60 seconds rapid heat up
※ 360°swivel cord
※ Worldwide dual voltage 100-240v
※ Adjustable temperature from 350F to

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Price: $ 39.99

AsaVea Hair Straightener Brush 3.0: MCH Heating Technology and Auto Temperature Lock, Anti-Scald Design – The Best Gift Choice (Rose Gold)

AsaVea Hair Straightener Brush 3.0: MCH Heating Technology and Auto Temperature Lock, Anti-Scald Design – The Best Gift Choice (Rose Gold)

AsaVea Hair Straightener Brush 3.0: MCH Heating Technology and Auto Temperature Lock, Anti-Scald Design - The Best Gift Choice (Rose Gold)

  • HEATS UP FAST: Advanced MCH ceramic heat technology delivers a consistent optimum temperature in no time. The straightener brush heats up in one minute, saving you time in busy mornings.
  • ANTI-SCALD TECHNOLOGY: Your safety is our first priority. This hair straightening device is constructed of quality DuPont plastic materials, and features a patented design to prevent scalding and burning. It is backed by CE, FCC, and ETL certifications.
  • WIDER SURFACE, FASTER STYLING: The ceramic surface bristles provide heating surface that is 7 times wider than a flat iron, allowing more contact with hair for faster styling.
  • PERFECT FOR ALL HAIR TYPES: Suitable for a variety of hair types with 12 temperature levels from 330˚F to 450˚F
  • WORKS GLOBALLY: AS 3.0 comes with universal voltage to deliver the same outstanding performance around the world. (You may need a converter to fit the plug into each country’s outlet)

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Price: $ 54.98

USpicy Hair Straightening Brush, Hair straightener Brush MCH heating technology with FREE Heat Resistant Glove for Silky Frizz-free (450℉/230℃ Adjustable Temperature, Auto Lock, Anti-Scald)

USpicy Hair Straightening Brush, Hair straightener Brush MCH heating technology with FREE Heat Resistant Glove for Silky Frizz-free (450℉/230℃ Adjustable Temperature, Auto Lock, Anti-Scald)

USpicy Hair Straightening Brush, Hair straightener Brush MCH heating technology with FREE Heat Resistant Glove for Silky Frizz-free (450℉/230℃ Adjustable Temperature, Auto Lock, Anti-Scald)

  • 【PROTECT YOUR HAIR BETTER】: Tame unruly hair and increase hair manageability with USpicy Hair Straightener Brush. More hair-friendly than flat iron. Ideal Valentine’s Day gifts for her
  • 【EFFICIENT CERAMIC HEATER】: MCH ceramic plate heats up to 450℉/ 230℃ to soften and straighten hair in several minutes for a shinier and smoother effect, not recommend for short hair
  • 【7 TEMPERATURE LEVELS】: Set to and lock on your preferred temperature to suit your hair type and volume, auto-shut off timer, and an auto button lock
  • 【UNIQUE HEAT INSULATION TIPS】: Anti-scald design with heat insulation tips to prevent accidental burns
  • 【360°SWIVEL CORD】: Prevents wire twining and gives you a smooth experience every time

Be your own stylist at home and tame your unruly hair with USpicy Hair Straightener Brush. This easy-to-use straightener brush gives you quick, silky smooth, and professional looking straight hair in just a few minutes. You save time and money from not going to hair salons every time. The hair brush uses MCH (Metal Ceramic Heater) Technology to heat up to 450℉/230℃, allowing you to detangle and straighten hair by simply combing through it. It helps your hair become shinier and smoother. 7-le

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Makeup tips

Makeup tips

You want to have your best face toward armed with beauty secrets. The following tips will help you have beautiful makeup.


1. Overall look


The most important tip for you to remember is that your face must look natural after even the most comprehensive makeup. Different colors on your face have to be in harmony with each other. You will look better if skin and hair colors are not the same as your shades’, so your face will be enhanced with light color if you have light hair and skin tone. For your oily skin, you need to utilize control moisturizer, then wearing movable powder.


2. Fitting makeup


Your destination is really important for you to wear appropriate makeup. Going to the beach and going dancing require different ways of making up. Bear in mind that makeup for nighttime should be colored more than for daylight.


3. Lips


The first thing is that lip color has to be suitable with your skin tone. Different skin color will need different lip color. Make up your lip with cool color if you have cool skin tone and vice verses. Secondly, lipstick will not stay alive longunless the lips are not coated entirely. Thirdly, if you have thick lips, you should draw a line inside them. Nonetheless, it is not true for thin lips to do the contrary thing. This will make your lips neither larger nor relatively untidy and natural.


4. Hair color


Hair color also needs to be suitable with skin color. The color you add to your hair should be fairly like your shade. Light color is good for light hair. When coloring your hair, do remember to have your hair roots covered.


5. Enough wearing


Makeup is the way to hide the unattractive points and brighten the good looking points on one’s face to catch attention from others. However; if your face is made up excessively, too much, you will be observed unlike the way you desire. Here is what you need to know:


 Eyeliner: a very dark and thick eye shadow will spoil your whole face.


 Mascara: wearing too much mascara will make your face unnatural. It will also ruin your whole face when attributed by thick and dark blue eyeliner.


Foundation: your face will look soft with foundation if foundation color is like your skin.


Powder: And powder is also not an exception. Be sure that the lineS will be obvious if your makeup is not intermingled.


6. Hardly wearing makeup


Some women lack knowledge on the ways to wear makeup beautifully, so they are not fond of showing off. Set up without too dark colors and put on one kind of makeup step by step. First is the foundation, and then mascara, blush or lipstick. Very light makeup is still too much for those who are not accustomed with it, so start with the bottom line. It is better than without wearing makeup. A good advice from the expert will help much in case you are still unconfident.


7. One last thing


Always refresh your makeup for the whole day. Do not let your makeup lose color and create winkle. Have a smirk!



If you want to read about more beauty tips and techniques, visit our website You will find much more info on health & beauty products & tips to help your skin and health problems. Please feel free to post your message or respond to the postings there.

Remington S1420 Worldwide Dual Voltage Ceramic Hair Straightener, Flat Iorn, 1½-inch, Pink

Remington S1420 Worldwide Dual Voltage Ceramic Hair Straightener, Flat Iorn, 1½-inch, Pink

Remington S1420 Worldwide Dual Voltage Ceramic Hair Straightener, Flat Iorn, 1½-inch, Pink

  • 400˚ High Heat – Get salon-quality results at home! The professional high heat produces gorgeous styles in no time
  • 30-Second Heat-Up – Near instant style! The straightener heats up in just 30 seconds, saving you time with your beauty routine
  • 30 Heat Settings – Find the perfect heat for your hair with a range of 30 temperature settings
  • Auto Shutoff – The straightener powers down after 60 minutes, providing peace of mind with every use
  • Worldwide Voltage – Take your style anywhere! The straightener is compatible with 120-240V and 50/60Hz power outlets

Create beautiful straight styles with the Remington Wide Ceramic Straightener. The 11/2″-wide plates let you straighten more of your hair in less time, and the ceramic helps prevent damage. Plus, the 30-second heat-up and 30 heat settings give you quick control over any style you desire.

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Guys Hair Styles

Guys Hair Styles

Hair cuts for men are always evolving and changing. Some of the time, men’s cuts have been based off of haircuts for women or off of famous movie star haircuts at the time. Short hair has long been a trend for men regardless of what they do with it. Many people may be saying that all the young men that they see in their neighborhood have long, shaggy hair that hangs to their shoulders or worse. This may be true, but it seems that it is a trend with younger guys and not necessarily a fashion trend for all men.

In the eighties and nineties the mohawk was one of the most popular haircut trends. Today, it is the faux-hawk. A pseudo mohawk that is essentially short hair on the sides and longer hair in the middle so that it can spike upwards. A lot of hair gel is used to do this, so it is a trend that many hair stylists like to give because it increases sales in hair care products. Hair that is long enough to sweep over one eye is becoming a trend with many men in the emo or emocore scene. It makes them look mysterious to hide behind their hair.

Hair dying has also become popular with men. This is a trend that has only come about in the last ten years or so, but men have started to highlight and accent their hair either with tips or a full on color. Before, it was common practice to frost the tips, but now, a more trendy practice is to accentuate the natural color of the hair by adding caramel tones or even lighter auburn or red tints. Never before in hair history has this been trendy for men until recently. Fall two thousand ten hairstyle trends indicate that the close cut is going to be the popular choice this year. This style has been popular many times before and seems to continuously come back.

Regardless if you are a younger or an older guy, there is a hairstyle trend that you will be sure to find pleasing. Not all the cuts this season are going to be solely for the young hipster. Many haircuts this year will be suitable for a variety of ages. Ultimately, the perfect cut will depend on personal styling preferences.

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